Sabadovia Investment Company is one of the recent companies in the Export Development Group. It works on developing food industries by giving added value to products through continuous improvement of its industrial operations, and through strategic partnerships in line with the requirements of its clients that based on international standards, in alignment with the group’s plan to achieve local, regional, and global leadership. 

Sabadovia Investments Ltd.

Sabadovia Investments

Canning and packaging of vegetables and fruits, manufacturing of juice concentrates, baked goods, pastries and chips, manufacturing of honey, drying of vegetables and fruits, processing of horticultural products (export), manufacturing of raw tomato paste locally.
مصنع سابادوفيا لمعجون الطماطم

The factory was established in 2010 in the state of Al-Jazirah – Fedasi region, and then the investors entered into a partnership with the defense industries system in 2011. The first production of the factory was in the middle of 2012. The investors relinquished their shares in the factory in favor of Green Zone Company in 2018. The area of the factory is 7 acres, which is equivalent to 29400 meters. The sauce is produced from imported raw and local tomatoes. The production capacity of the factory is one million cartons, equivalent to approximately 300 tons per day.

The factory’s productivity reached a maximum of about 24 tons per day, equivalent to 60,000 cans. The factory also produces 23 bags per minute, and the production lines operate three days a month.

The factory has multiple products: (sauce from fresh tomato paste, sauce from imported raw, ketchup, dried fruits, and vegetables)

The factory also has five brands (Akkun, Vida, Aleph, Umm Ali, Rina), which are available in the market, including (Umm Ali, Aleph, and Rina).

Sabadovia Food Products Factory

The scheme was established in 2018, and production began in March 2019, where planting, harvesting, and then production takes place. The project has contractual and societal partnerships in which the cultivation of tomatoes with modern technologies is considered. Therefore, a partnership was established between the company and a Jordanian investor who owns the drip farming technology in a project covering an area of 60 acres for a period of 6 years. More than 390 acres were cultivated, and more than 2,000 seasonal workers were employed. The company has also made several contractual partnerships with farmers to provide tomatoes. Sabadovia also partnered with Al Kalthoum company to provide 3,000 tons of tomatoes.

Sabadovia Agricultural Scheme