About us

Sabadovia Investments Ltd

Sabadovia Investment Company is one of the recent companies in the Export Development Group. It works on developing food industries by giving added value to products through continuous improvement of its industrial operations, and through strategic partnerships in line with the requirements of its clients that based on international standards, in alignment with the group’s plan to achieve local, regional, and global leadership. 


The amazing taste of Sudan’s finest products

 Our Message
We offer the best Sudanese horticultural product extracts to ensure the health and happiness of our customers

Our values 
Synergy and integration – 
 Charity – 
– Commitment – 
 Creativity and innovation – 
  Friendship with the environment – 

Work fields

 Canning and packaging of vegetables and fruits
  Juice concentrate industry
Bakery, pastries and chips
honey industry
Drying vegetables and fruits
Processing of horticultural products (export)


 Locally manufactured raw tomato paste

A sauce of natural tomato past ( Umm Ali, elif, Rina’s sauce , Rina’s ketchup) –

Dried onions –